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Gulaabi Ark

Gulaabi Ark

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"Gulaabi Ark" is a blush pink saree, crafted in soft georgette and hand embroidered with soft white cotton thread. The entire saree is adorned with rich chikankari embroidery, often called as "full jaal" work by the artisans of Lucknow.

Growing up, the perfumes found in most homes were not Channel, Dior or Jimmy Choo. The perfumes or "ittar" were hand made locally from natural flora and fauna. The essences lent to a smooth and lingering aroma around my mom and to this day I find comfort and feel the warmth of her presence whenever these notes hit my nose.

"Gulabi Ark" is our pursuit of bringing to you the warmth and security in the folds and pleats of our saree. Feel the touch of sincere love and warmth of unconditional love that probably only mothers can give.

Introducing our exquisite creation, the epitome of elegance and grace - the Baby Pink Hand Embroidered Chikankari Saree. This magnificent saree boasts delicate white threaded hand embroidery, meticulously adorning every inch of its fabric.


Our hand embroidered georgette chikankaari sarees are prepared with finesse and expertise from artisans of Lucknow who had centuries of legacy backing them.

The saree is hand embroidered with centuries old chikankaari embroidery work by "khandaani artisans" from the land of Nawaabs. An heirloom, an investment and an ethereal piece; all wrapped in one.

The art of dyeing the fabrc, air drying, hand block printing motifs and finally hand embroidering on it with natural fibre threads of cotton or silk is not only a labour intensive process but also requires time and hands of an expert. Once the beautifully crafted embroidery is finished, the sarees are washed, starched and dried to prepare the beauties fir purchase.

The human touch lends the fabrics a unique feel and renders the fabrics more value. Product thus completed not only has the value of artisanal skills but is also a tangible proof of the rich weaving heritage of India.

Our sarees are designed in house and realised by hands of experts enhancing its exclusivity and ensuring a unique piece just for you!




Length: 6.50 m x 1.1 m approx.

Wash Care information

Gentle hand wash in cold water.

Blouse Piece

Yes. A running fabric, making the blouse piece in same colour as the saree. The embroidery work on the blouse piece has rich embroidered sleeves with elegant chikankari embroidery on the remaining fabric of blouse.

Any accessories or blouse seen on model in images are not part of the product and are for aesthetics only.


Colour may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness/ resolutions and/ or due to photography location and light conditions.

The blouse and accessories seen on the model are from our designer's personal collection and meant only for styling purposes.

The backside of the saree will have loose threads from the embroidery work done on the saree. This is not an issue with quality but a mark of authentic GI tagged hand embroidered chikankari work.

Characteristic imperfections associated with hand-block printing may be observed, and colours may fade or bleed due to the traditional dyeing and printing process employed. Since this product is handwoven, there might be slight irregularities and unevenness in the weave, pattern or selvedge. These imperfections lend to the uniqueness of the saree which is handcrafted only for you - no 2 people will own the exact same beauty making it exclusively yours!

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