About Us

Studio SY, founded primarily as an artistic outlet, is a fruition of a long held dream to handcraft my designs and aesthetic sensibilities onto handloom fabrics. The idea is to popularise my personal belief that sarees are a thing of an everyday beauty and not just for rare occasions. Studio SY was born to wield my undying passion for sarees into sustainable and handmade pieces which anyone can slay in anytime, anywhere with a touch of their personal style.

Studio SY is my platform to showcase all my artistic inclinations and share my take on beauty and life through personally created art - be it sarees, paintings or even words!

Fashion Corner

“Collections curated with love, imbibing a spirited amalgamation of tradition and contemporary.”

I believe that well made clothes add to the personality and beauty of people. I vow, with murderous passion :P, to educate consumers through my mindful minimalist designs and rich skills of Indian artisans about the worth of a handmade and skilled product.

  • Slow and Meaningful
Through studio SY, I stand resolute to connect the dots of mindful designs, homegrown fabrics and handcrafted designs to manifest fashion pieces which are a testimony of the painstaking and skilful efforts that have gone into creating it.

With the inception of studio SY, I endeavour to bring about the change in consumer mindset and join the waves of slow fashion revolution, promoting slow and ethical fashion.

  • Every Collection, Limited Edition!
Through studio SY I wish to build a conscious consumeristic community who understand the meaning of ethically manufactured products, fashioned from natural fibres and handcrafted to produce not just a piece of clothing, but an heirloom which is timeless just like the memories they live through.

Creative Corner - Strokes

In addition to beauty that can be worn, studio SY offers beauty that can adorn your personal physical space!

Under the creative space, I have art pieces which take their inspiration from moments of life. Facets of innumerable human emotions, mental chaos and yearnings captured in art form by me.

Blog Corner - Magpie

Some stories, emotions and experiences are too colourful to be only woven in threads or painted in strokes - they need to be penned.

The musing corner of studio SY is the perfect place for my words, complicated thoughts and rants bursting out from me. For an exclusive peep into the inner workings of my extremely convoluted thought process and view of life, "Magpie" serves as the perfect literary corner. Let my words accompany you in moments of loneliness or simply add to the mayhem of life!
..And if you are inspired enough, feel free to leave me your thoughts and views too!