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Remember those days when slam books were passed around like there’s no tomorrow?  And the “important” question “Who is your best friend?” - this was the juvenile version of “Koffee with Karan”, not saying that the telecast show is in any way not juvenile 😛. Several years, from this sacred time of pouring our souls into a random book, I hope we have come a long way.

The idea of a friend being someone to share your lunch with, lend my homework to and being a part of their celebrations and mine has refined into things deep and moving. Some would look at it as expectations and maybe feel burdened by it, but let's face it - do you feel entitled from a stranger on the road to hold your hand and help you get across? Do you expect the barista or bartender at the bar to be your lifetime guide or 3 AM friend? Do you believe that someone you bump into cordially on probably a daily basis, hears out your issue without judgements and possibly maybe even be a partner in crime or committing shameless crimes?

Well, if you answer yes to any of the above, reach out to me over DM and I will share the number of a very qualified shrink. For the rest of you - you are right on the same page as me, it’s not a burden of expectations, but a privilege to be a part of being THE difference in someone’s life.

There clearly are all kinds of friends and of course we identify and reach out to them differently. It's naïve to think that a friend is only someone who tied a friendship band onto your wrist branding you like a cow. 

Friends.. the real ones? They go something like this…..

Friends that tell you when something is a bad idea, friends that jump into it knowing it's a very bad idea.
Friends that help you stand up, friends that fall along with you and have you rolling into laughter.
Friends that help you move, friends that help you move a dead body 😎.
Friends asking you where it hurts, friends asking you who needs to be hurt 👊.
Friends you call at 4 AM for just about anything, friends who call you at 4 AM for nothing. 
Friends who hug you, friends who shove you. 
Friends who don't judge you, friends who judge with you 😉.
Friends who encourage you to tell the truth, friends whose tales of lies are built counting on you😛.

Having your own gang of these personalities makes it a fun and definitely memoir worthy bunch! So count yourself lucky. But, and here's the big but (no pun intended 😀) having 1 with all of these glowing traits - well well, aren't you a favourite of the universe!


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You know who is the lucky one 😜


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