Handwoven kantha cotton saree

Cotton Sarees....come with minimum age requirement?

Did you ever look at a cotton saree and love the colour but shied away thinking “this is not hip enough” or “I'll look like a cotton candy”? 

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that from people. In fact, I even had a lady look at my shopping haul once and tell me that the cotton sarees I have bought are usually worn by the elderly. Thankfully she was broad minded enough to add - but if you think you can, then go rock it!

From experience and conversation with my ladies, I have compiled a list of misdemeanours against the cotton sarees that make them back out of either buying or draping it:

  1. Cotton sarees look too bulky
  2. The saree fluffs up and adds volume to the appearance
  3. It is a pain to maintain the cotton sarees

Sounds familiar? Well then, get with the times girl; you aren't in the 60s anymore!!

The roadblocks to a good cotton saree drape have a solution. Don’t take my word for it, read on, apply and let me know!

  1. Choose a good quality cotton saree - don't get the canvas wrong.
A good quality cotton clothing will last and stay with you for generations because beautiful fabrics last; synthetics don't. You could probably be buried in it - because it will outlast you. Fabrics, such as linen or cotton, develop their own character over time. They learn the contours of your body and mould into textures that feel smoother with every usage. 
Handwoven blue kantha cotton saree from Studio SY
  1. If you think cotton sarees are for older women, well slap yourself silly and open those gorgeous eyes! There are a plethora of colours, work and weaves available these days. 
    Hint: Check cotton sarees from studio SY 😛

    The collection is original, gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and as always, produced in a handful of quantities.

  2. Don't like the crisp look?

    This one is easy to be honest. Ready for it?....here goes “don't starch the saree after it's washed”. Trust me, no one will put you in jail.

    The tip of course doesn’t hold true for the purists and their love for jamdanis and the like - so for that, you guessed it right - read on!!

  3. Saree fluffing up and adding volume to appearance?

    If fluffing up or volume is the problem, make this work for you!

    • Press down on pleats in front (either iron or press it down once you're done draping)
    • Press down or roll the pleated pallu and release it to let it hang. 
    • Pull fabric at the hip and hand press down the pleats to ensure a neat look.

    These techniques will definitely help make it more manageable and tone down the volume.

    Handwoven deep red cotton saree from Studio SY
  4. Saree feels stiff and stands like a tent?

    If the cotton is a little stiff and doesn't have a fluid fall then worry not. Think of it as a new boyfriend. As days pass, with usage, the cotton will transform into a smoother fabric - one that has learnt to hug you in the right places.

  5. Saree looks nothing like the YouTube tutorial promised?

    Watch videos, engage in conversation and experiment to your heart’s desire. The tips and process of draping showcased SHOULD be treated as guidelines (repeat it 10 times in your head). 

    Hang the code! Saree is personal and so is the draping style!

    Tweak, pull and press the drape on your body with hands or hair straightener. Add in your techniques for your unique draping style; because you know your body and your pain areas the best.

  6. Maintenance 😫

    Hate maintenance of cotton saree? To start with - don't wash with every wear then! 

    Air it out once you are done with the outfit, spot clean for light stains and wash only when these 2 approaches won't do the trick. Save water, save time and save your sanity!

    Handwoven white cotton kantha saree
  7. Cotton sarees will make me look old.

    Darling, hang the so-called “grandma blouse” and pick a cute crop top, off shoulder top, wrap around top, spaghetti strapped or even a bandeau top. Do you!

 Featured illustration: Handwoven kantha cotton, naturally dyed, saree "Midnight Galaxy"

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