Tread that path already!

Tread that path already!

"The road less treaded is usually deserted. But a road paved by dreams is abandoned" - a personal philosophy and a reality I'm faced with almost daily, ever since I decided to live my dreams, that for too long had just been exactly that - dreams.

It's not a path for the faint hearted and quite frankly there are no guides. You can't just google up and check how to go about the unknowns and set up the life you want. There is no wiki page or brochures. So, the only way to know? - take the damn plunge.

A few days, and if you are a type A then after a few hours, you'd probably be bawling in a corner, swearing at your bold ass for letting that cushy monthly cheque go. But here's the thing that sets you apart from dreamers - the dreams have an expiration date - in a good way.

At some point the dream has to formulate into a reality. Someone like me? - endless dreams and planning and longing drives me up the well painted and very expensive wall (courtesy of the very cushy cheque that I was contemplating abandoning). So the days I'm tempted to beat myself over a bold and quite possibly a life ruining decision, I remind myself that the alternative was living a life where I did have that monthly assured ka-ching happening but no satisfaction of doing things big, bold and maybe borderline disastrous. 

And where's the fun in that 🤪?

Living a life expected, while not necessarily a bad thing; needs to be chosen. We are all crazy in our own way - admit it (I know I am). So why not shape our own way of living and have fun paving the way. 

Nothing is assured - who is to say you'd like the outcome of the cozy life and have no regrets? - this way at least i know there's no place for them. 

So choose a path for yourself, choose your own code to live by,  choose your saree while you are at it and drape it the way you have no regrets.....and yes, wear it over and over again with a different flair each time. Remember - no regrets in life or a purchase 😉


Featured illustration: Handwoven cotton, hand block printed saree "Spring Snow"

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