Silent Love

Silent Love

People say silence is golden, hold your piece, swallow your anger…..why are all the idioms for heralding silence about gulping down profanities?

Have you experienced love and passion which is not obvious and voiced out? The idea may seem absurd and quite ungratifying but the truth could not be further away from this thought.

The long poignant looks…..the deep stares conveying gravity of feelings and sideways smiles indicating an acknowledgement of a private joke - priceless! Imagine having understood the depth of someone’s feelings towards you without it actually being poured into words…..feeling warmth without even a slight touch. Feeling loved and longed for need not be screamed in declarations - those long, unwavering glances? - they are the real deal.

Have you been given a look so potent, that your heart and more importantly your mind,  (because let's face it, a mind can scream and make you believe the worst of your devils) knows beyond a shadow of doubt that you are treasured. You are coveted.

Words are amazing, I do swear by them - often literally. But while I find comfort in emoting with words, written or verbal, maybe on the receiving end it could be better with those potent looks, sunny smiles and soothing fleeting touches. So much is conveyed, so quickly and inertly in just these gestures…..moments and memories are made so easily, where possibly words would never have reached.

Silent and potent love - that’s what studioSY promises you in its 6 yard embrace.


Featured illustration: Handwoven line saree "Hey Sunshine!"

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