Act of remembrance is an art of romance…..sounds easy right?

But what about those extremely fortunate ones (me) who are endowed with more than their fair share of “Ghajinis”?

We are not only left to savour the special moments alone but also have the joy of reliving them while explaining our guy (or doggo), in detail, about how the moments had enfolded.

Come to think of it, it is like dementia - everything is always new and you can relive the joy of one moment umpteenth number of times. So yes, while I never have him stare deeply into my eyes telling me “I still remember the day I saw you standing in the coffee shop looking like a goddess, hotter than the coffee that was touching your lips”, I do get to retell the moments, peppered generously with adjectives, and remind him “My red dress is the one I wore the other day to our date - the one you were late for. You walked into the café while I was having coffee which was almost as hot as my temper”.

I like to keep my life uncluttered and away from vague plans. Exactly this, is where my choice of companion differs from my wardrobe choices and from the designs crafted for studioSY collection. While my companion is mostly all over the place and adding to confusion in my otherwise sorted life; all the handcrafted sarees are unique and woven to last for a lifetime - of multiple generations! So while he may not remember the birthday, the anniversary or even a fight that’s awaiting a resolution - he will remember the timeless classic drape that I had on then. 

And, if he doesn't, well that’s an opportunity to have him buy another studioSY original…isn’t it? 😉 

Featured illustration: Handwoven linen, naturally dyed, saree "Sunny Skies"
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