Naani Ka Baksa

Naani Ka Baksa

She's not here, but her essense surely is. I open her trunk of sarees, a treasure trove really, and I can feel her fragrance and soft skin still wrapped in the delicate folds of the drapes.

It’s not just a trunk full of gorgeous sarees, it's an embodiment of who she was - the bold and offbeat choice of colour, ranging from dove greys to eclectic blues and sunshine yellows, tells me what an “against the grain” kinda gal she was. Her smooth feathery chiffons remind me of her soft peals of laughter that sometimes could be so lady-like and sometimes so loud and boisterous that the windows would tremble in their frames.

I am now sitting not only in the precious pile of her sarees but also her love for me...draped softly like a hug in her georgettes, warm loving caress of her cottons. Her bold luxurious silks, a reminder to me to pamper myself and be indulgent. Her linen drapes telling me how strong I am.

It’s not just a "baksa"'s a loving bundle of who she was and how she will always remain in my heart. Her elegance will stay with me in her timeless classic sarees; each of which I will drape and love like a piece of my heart.


Featured illustration: Handwoven muslin saree “Rustling Breeze”

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My heart is throbbing so fast. I am speechless. 🙏🕉️🙏

Raj Narain

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