Leading Lady?

Leading Lady?

Blame it on Bollywood, but doesn't draping a saree instantly make you feel like the leading lady? What long sessions of therapy and conversation with that 4AM-friend could not accomplish, this 6 yards of fabric could do in a jiffy.

While growing up, I have seen so many of my girlfriends look so longingly at a beautiful saree that I could literally picturize them gazelle jumping in it, waiting for their “hero” to lose their mind over it. 

Honestly, all those movie scenes, which blatantly showcase how the male protagonist loses their sense of speech and understanding of time and space when they see the leading lady gliding down the stairs wrapped in a saree, does it happen in real life? - the answer my dear ladies (and the crown of saree loving gentlemen) is a resounding YES. Chandni Iconic Saree Picture

Evidence to my assessment? - easy, have you not seen your guy’s eyes light up like the mirror of an actor’s dressing room when he saw you and just spout out dazed compliments like “Gorgeous”, “You look beautiful”, “oh wow” ? - yes, you remember now? Well in that one moment, or hopefully countless more, you were definitely the leading lady of his life. But why stop there? You may not be the Sridevi of “Chandani”, or Sushmita Sen of “Main Hoon Na” ….but who is stopping you from unleashing that sass and dancing around trees, if really that's what your heart desires. 

Main Hoon Na Iconic Saree Picture

Draping it for an event with ethnic dress code, or to a corporate meeting - I had my heart pounding with excitement which, I am going to unapologetically state, definitely had HIM swooning. I know - I almost saw the little hearts circle his head.

Say what you will, but there really is something magical about a saree - it definitely makes me want to accessorise, rim my eyes with kohl and walk in those dangerous high heels. I think it makes me look like a vision. So leading lady vibes much? - the hell it isn’t. 

Featured illustration: Handwoven muslin saree “Colour Pop!”


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