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How much wait is too much wait?

Standing outside a situation and peeking into the proceedings, it is so much easier to look at something from an objective perspective and know what the obvious solution to the situation would be. However, the funny and painful reality is that when in the eye of the storm, the simple knowledge of direction eludes us.

As an observer from the side lines it is so starkly obvious, sometimes frustratingly so, as to what the person going through a difficult period should have done. But when you are in the ditch do you really stop to think whether it’s really so deep that you must drown or should you just calm the hell down and crawl out?

When things get rocky in a relationship, there is no “Eureka” moment of realisation wherein it is crystal clear that you're starting to tread the downhill path of possible self destruction. The brain is wired to be in problem solving mode, so it always starts with wanting to desperately identify the problem, then moving onto figuring out a solution or maybe a compromise; because that's what you do when you are in love. But how much compromise is too much compromise? 

When you have a friend, who is not a CEO or the prime minister of a country but is more busy than either of them and is not available to talk, rant or even just sit in silence, then we wait, patiently for them to text back, respond with a call; because that’s what friends do - they wait, they understand and don’t demand. But how much waiting is too much waiting? 

When shopping, if you see yourself looking longingly at a dress, a shirt, a saree or a cute skirt but hold back, asking yourself very sensibly “Do I really need it?” - and of course you don't. So you walk on by, thinking to yourself “l will buy it later”. But how much “later” is too late? 

Realisation hits, after the fact. 
….when you are unhappy and frustrated with your partner and yourself to be unable to work through day to day routines.
….when you have become resentful towards your friend or worse, so indifferent to their absence that they no more matter in your life. Burning away a once beautiful friendship.
….when that thing you wanted to buy is no more available and is never to be stocked again.

Realisation now hits that waiting has indeed turned into too much waiting. You are left lonely in a relationship and looking for an out. You are left with a silent phone with a prayer to never have to check it again for their response. You are left with a wardrobe bereft of that one piece which would have made you look like a star at the next looming social event.

It is obviously not a viable solution to scream bloody murder at the first instance of being wronged or deprived. You can't just abandon your partner because of that one time the dishes were not washed, in spite of having been promised to be or just ghost that ungrateful and taking-you-for-granted friend at the first glimmer of silence from them.

While personal relationships aren't as clear as night and day and each needs to be dealt in it’s own unique way, thankfully I do have a solution to your wardrobe cravings!
The next time you scroll through studioSY sarees, don't just wish list to visit later because I promise you it will be sold out, never be stocked again. The motto #everycollectionlimitededition is not just a mouthful phrase 😛, its a disclaimer.

So grab that saree, put on your best shoes, accessorise it like a diva and let your guy stew in dirty dishes, your friend sitting with a longing to talk to you while you are partying out because clearly you are dressed up for a good time.

Featured Illustration:

  • Handwoven chanderi saree with hand block printed floral motifs "Scarlet Note
  • Handwoven linen saree “Sunny Skies
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