Lady in studioSY grey linen saree

Grey - Fifty Shades indeed!

“Good things have a bad reputation”

Grey hair, grey day, grey pallor/ complexion - it all has negative connotations, lending this colour a dreary and depressing feeling. But, life is not black and white - accept it. The societal constructs which have led us to bracket life components and attach a preset notion to them, don't work for us all.

We define who we are, we define who we want to be. This personal interpretation of what we want from life can, and more often than not, spill over the societal definition of who we (especially all the girls out there!) should be - and enter the realm of grey boundaries and areas. 

So when we embrace the grey so readily and sometimes almost violently in our lives then why not in the wardrobe?

Let’s change the narrative, you are not wearing a depressing ashy grey, you are wearing a feathery pigeon grey…a dove grey, a grey so potent, beautiful and mysterious that it sets you free to live your life and make choices based on your own personal preferences and passion.


Featured illustration: Handwoven linen saree "Sunshine on a cloudy day

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