Illustration of diwali celebration in studio SY handwoven chanderi saree

Festive Spirit - Resting in pieces?

Growing up, festivals were such a buzzing time. I’d see my parents making To-Do lists and my sister and me planning our decorations and what we would be doing in the upcoming holidays. There was always someone calling or dropping by and the days would roll off in chaos, lots of food and celebration.

Where has all that buzz and excitement gone now? - now the only difference in times and passing seasons is probably the hunt for a jacket or a light cotton top or umbrellas. Is this what adulting is? - I refuse to believe it. Our parents adulted too - or so I'd like to believe and they still had a an air of excitement and buzz around them and the entire house.

Clearly it's not adulting, its millennials losing it and not in a good way. Every year I think “To hell with it! I will make my own traditions and celebrate the hell out of it”, and every year my lazy ass is scrambling at the last moment because my friend circle and loved ones are now all varying degrees of lazing asses and of course belonging to the unfortunate bunch - the millennials.

Do you identify with this? - if yes, then being lazy would come easily to you as well and I look out for my community. So here’s to beautiful sarees that you can order from the lazy comforts of your home and don on to laze some more. Here’s to studio SY!

Featured illustration: Handwoven organza, naturally dyed, saree "Amethyst Smoke"
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Your blog post perfectly captured the nostalgia of festive times. It’s like you voiced the sentiments many of us millennials share. The struggle to recreate that same buzz and excitement is real, but your resolve to celebrate traditions is inspiring. Cheers to beautiful sarees and finding joy in the lazy comforts of home!

Looking forward to more of your reflections.

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