Maharani in organza saree

Classics - for a reason!

There is always a new rage, a new concept, a new trend - flavour of the month if you will.

While most jump on the “new” bandwagon quite enthusiastically, there is always a downward interest in these new shiny things, places, experiences and even people.

The intensity of desire to acquire these is inversely proportional to the period of possession. Don't believe me? Let’s add an element of practicality to this shall we?
Go your wardrobe, yes right now!
Now, pick 1 item that has been lying in there like an orphan for at least a month. 

I know you are finding it difficult, because there are too many options to choose from. Am I right? …if I’m not then close the window right now and we shall never cross paths again.

If you are still with me - I know you are 😊

There will be times in life when you need comfort, or need to feel settled or home, there will always be that 1 old mug, an old book or an old sweater that you will return to. One that while won't actually solve any of your life problems but it will give you a sense of security and comfort in the midst of the shit storm you are in.

So when people, even friends, turn to me and ask why the studioSY sarees are simplistic in their design, the answer, if I must provide is “N” fold, but how about I give you top 4?

  1. The sarees are versatile - think of them as rice in your kitchen. Will you be  a spicy biryani today? An aromatic pulao or just classic steamed rice. No one knows and you keep ‘em guessing!
  2. The sarees are meant to be your companion, not your red flag boyfriend. Once you don the six yards of love from studioSY, they elevate your beauty and personna. Not hide it behind a loud shiny facade like a wedding procession.
  3. Meant to be your ride or die - the designs elegant and timeless in nature will make their way into your capsule wardrobe. Go from AM to PM with just a change of accessories. Talk about travelling light!
  4. Lastly, they aren't “simplistic designs” - they are classic. Something I want you to return to in times when you just need to feel loved. They should feel like home.

Classics are classics for this very reason - they stay relevant through times, generations, people and relationships. 

You are a classic woman/ classic man so do yourself a favour and build yourself a classic wardrobe. Take the step, get yourself a studioSY saree. Go on…you deserve it.

Featured Illustration: Handwoven organza saree "Alabaster Blossom

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