A small word, and it has the ability to bring your world crashing down. The word, to me, instantly brings an image of brick walls built around a space and at times it feels like that space is me - I need to build the protection and cordon off anything that is ruining the peace - easier said than done 😄

Sometimes boundaries are what you want to violate and break through and sometimes they are what you need to build ...and ironically both are done for preserving sanity.

The need to live life on your own terms, for some, is not just a whim or an unreasonanble demand but a very deep seated urge - a must if they want to preserve who they are. It is a primitive desperation in a way, so as not to change into someone who is easy for everyone else to live with but a screaming aversion to themselves in their own head.

In this world of everyday, building boundaries to protect the real estate of me, while still pushing at other boundaries to ensure they don't contain me, seems like efforts cancelling out each other but that's what makes everyday worth getting by.

There are times when you have to build boundaries, to let people know what they absolutely do not possess a right to do, say or treat. And then there are times that you push against the very same boundaries - because self expression and individuality cannot be preserved within the rundown moulds and society prescribed walls.

Pushing against the boundaries that threaten to tame, and building the ones that won't allow encroachment. If this is what makes your day and you the so called challenge for others, then why stop there?

The effort to preserve self expression, individuality and the essence of you is not just about your heart and brain waves - it is also extended to your presence and the way you show up for yourself. Extend your need and individuality to your clothes and outfit and let them be a part of what makes you, you. Clothes, after all, are a form of self expression.

So break down the societal walls and don that saree not just to a religious event or wedding that you have to attend but also to the brunch you went on with friends, to a self date you planned for yourself or the board meeting where you are putting your foot down. Preserve your boundary and right to wear what you want and the way you want.

Build your boundaries and push against others with the classic studioSY sarees - wrapping them in a way you feel comfortable and confident with; as an expression of YOU.


Featured illustration: Handwoven cotton hand block printed saree "Sensuous Wine"

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